Saturday, November 29, 2008

AAA 12 - The Other Naya

So, since you saw me last I ran a few drafts here and there when I had time. I tried some decks outside of my usual comfort zone with less than optimal results. I tried Esper, Grixis with a white splash (for Hegemon and Sphinx Sovereign), and A Naya deck focused on the 5 power theme rather than my usual Nacatlpaloza.

After all the Thanksgiving activity, its time for another (recorded) draft!


As usual there were several picks that could of gone in different directions, but overall I was very happy about the course this draft took. The deck feels focused like a laser on getting my fatties down quickly and clearing the way for them to smash a face or two.

Naya Charm vs Branching Bolt is an interesting choice. I think that the charm gives you more flexibility (tapping all their creatures is a major effect) in exchange for not being able to go 2-for-1 and being a bit tougher on mana.

Round 1

I think the keep in game 1 is justified, but it didn't end well at all. Games 2 & 3 are quick affairs as my opponent doesn't have time to effect the board much at all. Manaplasm is awesome in game 3, although the timely Sigil Blessing was the real back breaker. Oh and if he had let me continue the game I could of done the Naya Charm chain for the win as I hadn't played my land for the turn yet. Good times.

Round 2

So... uh... yeah. Not really sure what to say here. I'm guessing my opponent won his first match on the back of Devour, but with the Excommunicates I'm not too worried about that.

EDIT - It was pointed out to me by Penguinguru917 on the mtgsalvation boards that my opponent this round had an 80 card deck round 1 - suggesting that he got screwed out of deckbuilding and possibly even draft picks. Makes sense to me. Sorry about that EveningHope!

Keith and the Girl!

I split the finals. I like to play it out when I do a video, but if its offered I usually take it.

The way things are shaping up I will probably do a draft or two more this weekend, so keep checking back for updates!

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