Sunday, November 2, 2008

AAA 03 - "MOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!"

Since Viddler has a download feature, I'm going to stop posting on FileFront. To access the video page and the download link, just click on the Viddler logo in the corner of the video.

Ok, so lets get started...


I like this how this draft turned out. Not as loaded up on Squires/Nacatls as in AAA 02, but with better mana balance and better late game creatures. And Elspeth. Lets not forget about her.

Round 1

Game one should of been a mull. Even if we get the mana we needed we weren't going to get there with such a mediocre hand. Games one and two were one sided as my opponent put up little resistance.

Round 2

So... sorry about the audio problems. I tried to cut around the commotion, but it was too distracting to try to talk, call her mom's cell on my cell, deal with the irate girlfriend, and play magic at the same time, so I just stopped the commentary.

The first game proved to me the first pick quality of Sigil of Distinction. Even if I manage to get rid of his Rhino, I have to deal with another monster after that. Eeek. Games two and three went better thanks to help from Elspeth, although I think I should of played out the Benediction first in game 3.

Round 3

First time I've seen a 5 color deck in action. Game one he just spins his wheels looking for a threat, but doesn't get one down in time to matter. I had a chance to win game 2, but with 7 cards in hand and access to all that mana I thought it would be safer to kill the Gargoyle and try to win out with the threats I had. Little did I know a nasty Hellkite was awaiting me once he got his green mana. Game three he was able to stall me out until he got Hellkite out again. Yeesh.


Bob said...

In Round 1 game 3, he might have Swerve to turn the thunder back on you, but fortunately you could sidestep all that simply by cycling the thunder. In fact if you had cycled it that would have been game, I don't think there's anything in the set to stop that.

oray said...

Yeah, the Sigil is pretty amazing. I don't see why anyone wouldn't first pick it. BTW, this time the Benediction wasn't game breaking, but it was still very good. Elspeth is great. I agree with bob about the thunder. Since cycling is uncounterable, I don't see any reason not to use it and end the game.