Friday, November 14, 2008

AAA 08 - Suprise Naya again!

Ok, Ok. I swear I'm going to try to draft some blue at some point... I promise!

(I'm going to try to link the download link for each video below, if it doesn't work let me know and I will think of something else!)


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Could of gone several different ways in the beginning, but a 7th pick Nacatl was all systems go for another Naya deck. The rest of the table played nice and we got a solid deck with a genuine bomb in Caldera Hellion. I'm still on the fence on Realm Razor, although I think I was being way to shy to use him in this draft...

Round 1

Download this video here!

Ok, so I think I could of played better here. Game 1 I was probably not going to win, but maybe I blew my Excommunicate too early? I'd still have the Dragon problem though, and it looks like a turn earlier as he missed a land drop when he replayed the druid.

Game 2 I make a mistake I've made before when I forget that either pump/counters/devour makes the creature eligible for the 5 power bonuses. Showing him the Hellion with the Gift was a drag, and he played around it all game.

Game 3 was Naya in action all the way. Well, that and he mulls to 5 on the play.

Round 2

Download this video here!

Game 1 was a slow start vs another slow start. Even at quarter speed, my tempo wins the game. Redraw and recast Craw Wurm ftl!

Game 2 I make him Redraw and recast Craw Wurm again while pounding him with the Capsule freed Thoctor. I make a couple of misplays such as not Realm Razoring when all that is on the board is Battlemage and Iguanar and he is tapped out with a lot of land and I have an Obelisk (not to mention I could of stopped playing lands once I got to 6 mana). I shut the door with the Razor and force him to block the lizard or die and I'm left with the only perms on the board. If he tops a removal spell and the mana to cast it, then I get my lands back as well and we start fresh from there.

Also I pay life I don't need to for the Prince since I'm going to wipe the board anyway he can have my guys. He top decks nicely, but so do I and I shut the game down with the Razor and O-Ring.

Round 3

Download this video here!

Game 1 I go 4-for-none with Hellion. Then I blast out a potentially scary Hydra and the game is done.

Game 2 is mired in early mana fixing, but keeping up aggression helps win this game in short order.

My first 8-4 win in AAA! Some sloppy play, but then there always is...


Colin said...

Slight misplay in R2G2: You didn't have to pay to prevent his Prince of Thralls from taking the Rhox Charger, as the Charger has 3 toughness and would be killed by the Hellion anyway. In fact, this would further up your Iguanar damage by another point.

Colin said...

Actually, check the part about upping the Iguanar damage, as you had to devour it with the Hellion.

Colin said...

Haha, and now check both of my comments entirely, as you clearly posted that below your video and I didn't even read it.

I award myself -10 points and good, hard forehead slap.

Paideia said...

In R2G2 you had a wolly thoctar and a hissing iguanar against his bant battlemage and 6/4. You traded the thoctar with his 6/4 and your second main phase would have been the perfect opportunity to drop realm razer. It doesnt seem like much advantage, but without land all you really need is a 1 creature advantage. He wouldnt have been able to block your iguanar (or if he did your razer could have attacked at will) and you wouldnt have had to deal with a prince of thralls or needed to top deck an O-ring. Realm razer is tricky because you feel like you shouldnt play him unless you are going to win anyway, when really you can play him when you have a slight advantage and magnify your advantage hugely.

Also, in my opinion skullmulcher is garbage. The only creature you have that would be worth cashing in for another card and +1/+1 on your mulcher is visionary... you really dont want to trade a nactal or knight of the skyward eye for a random card. Mostly the mulcher is just a 3/3 for 5 that can help you try and top deck an answer by totally neutering your board. I've fallen into the trap of playing him before and would strongly suggest against it.

:: Diego Ghiggi said...


Caldera Hellion FTW!