Wednesday, November 19, 2008

AAA 10 - Tappin Islands

Yep, it had to happen eventually. AD is tapping for blue.


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Ok, so before I have to hear about it 10 times I totally did not see the Corpse Connoisseur in the pack where I took the Covenant of Minds. It is the obvious pick since I have enough unearth creatures to make it great and I was creature light... I just had a blind spot over that card for some reason. It happens I guess.

Other than that I think the draft went well. I did try to float some UBR cards around that didn't come back, but the cards I took over them weren't exactly slouches. Also, I wasn't too distraught over running 2x Dreg Reavers. Sometimes you just need a solid body at a reasonable price and you can pick them up late. I'm a little less happy about the Submersions, but the back half of packs 2 & 3 were light on playables and we had to make our count somehow.

Round 1

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Game 1 was a blowout with quick beats and removal. I miss a ping in there somewhere.

Game 2 was more interesting. First I mull to 5, which I think gave my opponent a bit too much confidence to try to sit back and not risk his Topan Ascetic. Then he does what I was afraid I was going to do in a previous draft and Realm Razors in a terrible position. I make a mistake here as I should of realized that the Razor was going to neuter his Nacatl and ping it before the Razor effect goes off. If he drops a Mountain or a Plains I won't be able to respond and it brings the kitty back out of range. Fortunately he plays an Island and I am able to get the upper hand post Razor, forcing him to lose his Geddon stick to a Blister Beetle and ping. Oops!

Post Razor things get even more interesting as I make a major mental error that I don't realize until the last possible moment. I'm sure its obvious to you guys, but playing in an unfamiliar side of the color wheel really messed up my head. (At least I didn't burn for 8 or something like that!) My head start and Hissing Iguanar keep me from punting this game away though, even in the face of an onslaught of bombs thrown at me from my opponent.

Round 2

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Game 1 - Lets hear it for main deck Volcanic Submersions! Another small mistake when I thought I was being clever - I don't play a Swamp that would give me 6 mana on the turn I Covenant in case I draw a Mountain and a Magma Spray (which I do), but I should of just played the Swamp and left a Mountain open so all I have to draw is the Spay.

Shadowfeed in for Swerve... good call or not?

Game 2 - I exasperate his mana troubles by killing off his Etherium Sculptor and the game is over quickly. It's possible that the tap land kept him from playing a 4cc spell on a critical turn.

Round 3

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Game 1 is a blowout. Game 2 is more interesting as I try to maximize pingers to damage him and remove blockers. 2x Goblets are keeping it close life total wise. Kederekt Leviathan/Prince of Thralls do not justify their casting costs as I replay most of my board and then dig for a finisher in Covenent of the Minds. My first three have a lethal Grixis Charm, so he has to give me five - which contain an equally lethal Iguanar.

So, pretty impressed overall with the Grixis deck. A lot of things went my way this draft, like 2x Necropolis, and having main deck Submersions against an Esper deck. Still, I think I'm more apt to get out of my safe zone and try some other archtypes... maybe I'll even play Esper one of these days and pick up those 11th pick charms.

Till next time!

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