Friday, November 21, 2008

AAA 11 - Where did everyone go?!?

So, a bit of a weird one. Draft and Round 1 go as normal.

Then my 2nd round opponent concedes game 1 in the face of a 6/6 Thorn-Trash Viashino. Then he mulls to 5 and literally plays his second land and then concedes. Basically nothing happened in these games and the round was over in 6 minutes. A good chunk of that is sideboarding and him just sitting there (probably cursing his hand). I have the video, but its not worth posting.

Then my finals opponent is a no show. Four packs the easy but boring way.

I debated even posting the draft, but the draft was interesting and the first round wasn't bad... and I might not get to draft again this weekend.

Lets do it!


Video downloads not working right now, I'll put the links up when they are working...

With vision of Grixis still fresh in my mind from the last draft I start down that road until I'm snapped back to Jund with a 10th pick Carrion Thrash. Branching Bolt in pack 2 seals the deal and I end up with a pretty nice Jund deck with Infest and Jund Charm and a ton of other removal.

Round 1

Video downloads not working right now, I'll put the links up when they are working...

Game 1 is rough as I have little offense and what I can muster up is stymied by card advantage and the Hegemon we opened in Pack 2.

Game 2 We get a couple of 4/4s out force through damage until he concedes. I thought that Magma Spray didn't allow regen for some reason, but tapping his Skeletal Kathari and killing a chump blocker in the process was still good enough.

Game 3 We maneuver a Rockslide Elemental out of the range of a Jund Charm sweep with the help of a 2-for-1 Branching Bolt. We end up using the Charm to pump and save the Elemental from an Agony Warp instead. We could of burned out all the other creatures in play to save it and make it slightly bigger, but opted for the more conservative play. After the Elemental is dealt with, we follow up with an Infest to clear the board with the exception of my Carrion Trash, and then Dreg Reaver joins him for the win.

Well, I hope that tides you over for a while. I'll try to squeeze in another draft this weekend if I can find the time. Till next time!

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