Sunday, November 16, 2008

AAA 09 - Blame WotC

Ok, so here we go again - not to spoil it, but I'm not drafting blue...


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Our first pick was very committal, but I think that destroying three permanents is worth the risk of abandoning our first pick. Fortunately, the rest of the pack was accommodating with Spray and Druid coming around later than expected. Besides opening the Vein Drinker, the rest of the draft when well but not spectacular.

Round 1

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Not much to say here as both games were blowouts. Lightning Talons did some nice work here getting in for a lot of damage... I'm coming around.

Round 2

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A bad non-mulligan in game 1 leads to all Forests and a loss. In the next two games our opponent concedes a bit prematurely both times. The board positions were definitely favorable for us, but I don't think it was an unwinnable situation for him either time. Killing early Nacatl's were key for these games. Chalk up another point for Talons.

Round 3

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Man, Elspeth... how do you deal?!? I don't think I would of had much a chance anyway, but the Planeswalker completely dominated me in these games.

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Paideia said...

I would have D-drafted the scourglass instead of taking an obelisk just because its so powerful in an artifact deck, but i get wanted the obelisk because of your ultimatum. Also the pick a few picks before that where you take the viscera dragger over algae glarial is a bit questionable, especially since jund is the devour/pinger colors and the big shrouded aligator can be safely called a bomb in that type of deck.