Wednesday, November 12, 2008

AAA 04-07 - Blerg!

Hmmm... Lets just get this over with shall we?

I'll say this, I haven't reviewed these at all, but I know I have a major problem switching to the blue side of the color wheel... even when everything is pointing in that direction. Well, that and I suck. Really, really suck.

I'm going to try again tonight, but I'll let you guys digest these for a while before I post some more.


AAA 04 - Draft

AAA 04 - Round 1

AAA 05 - Draft

AAA 05 - Round 1

AAA 06 - Draft

AAA 06 - Round 1

AAA 07 - Draft

AAA 07 - Round 1

AAA 07 - Round 2


Kasper said...

It's funny how you said in your previous post that viddler has a download feature... Well they seem to have removed that. And flash *still* blows at rescaling so I can't read any card text or card names in your videos at all.

AverageDrafter said...

Its there but you have to sign up and be logged in. I'm not thinking that it was this way before since you aren't the first person to mention it...

koba said...

Hey, thank you for all the videos. It is improving my drafting, even when you have some bad luck and don't do so well. I'm sure you will do better next time.

One thing: I cannot download these vids even when logged in. The only thing I can download is the internet page (htm file). I would really appreciate it if you could fix this or upload them in some other way (rapidshare or something). Again thanks for all the videos.

David said...

I didn't realize I was IN one, I thought you somehow knew I was actually in one, which I was at the time. Sorry about the other confusing messages. But yes, keep on drafting!

-Demo :)

PS: Sorry your drafts weren't going so well that day.