Saturday, October 4, 2008

SSE 02 - Full clout y'all! Full clout y'all!

And when the mic is in my mouth I turn it out y'all!

Back again for another SSE 4-3-2-2.

Draft (text version of this draft appears at the end of the post)

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I think the only major blunder here was taking the Finks over the Stinger P1P1. I was still of the mindset that I could go white, but the first pack clearly was pushing my blue/black.

Round 1

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Click here for the full screen version of this video

I made a few mistakes in game one, but the Valleymaker was going to make life difficult anyway, and the Rise of the Hobgoblins sealed the deal.

Game 2 things get a little tense with the return of the Hobgoblins and the Druegar Mine-Captain. Despite a nasty trick late in the game, I pull out enough defense to end the race in my favor.

Game 3 Clout on a Hedge-Mage give me the muscle and Sigg gives me the fuel for an easy victory.

Round 2

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Game one I could of won a turn earlier if I had used my Leechbonder on my big attack. Game two shows a perfect example of trying to get greedy with Firespout. I knocked him down so low that the Clouted Bandit took him out in two turns.

Round 3

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Game 1 a Clouted Bandit does the job as I hold down the fort against his formidable offense.

Game 2 a mistake passes a tap down of his Marauders, and the damage puts me in lethal range of his Flame Javelin.

Game 3 he lures my team into blocking his Marauders and wipes my board. He then proceeds to put gas on the table as I muster up land.

All in all a good draft, I have some play errors to be sure, but I also made some sound decisions in tough situations. I actually feel like I'm getting better with these last two drafts.

Pack 1 pick 1:
Crabapple Cohort, Traitor's Roar, Gravelgill Duo, Torture, Fists of the Demigod, Rune-Cervin Rider, Rustrazor Butcher, Safewright Quest, Aphotic Wisps, Woeleecher, Memory Sluice, Reknit, Spiteflame Witch, Spectral Procession, Worldpurge
--> Spectral Procession

Pack 1 pick 2:
Juvenile Gloomwidow, Tattermunge Duo, Sickle Ripper, Torpor Dust, Blight Sickle, Somnomancer, Giantbaiting, Blazethorn Scarecrow, Emberstrike Duo, Gleeful Sabotage, Kithkin Shielddare, Moonring Island, Drove of Elves, Spiteful Visions
--> Somnomancer

Pack 1 pick 3:
Rattleblaze Scarecrow, Fists of the Demigod, Helm of the Ghastlord, Gravelgill Duo, Emberstrike Duo, Barrenton Medic, Whimwader, Giantbaiting, Viridescent Wisps, Reknit, Merrow Grimeblotter, Thoughtweft Gambit, Enchanted Evening
--> Barrenton Medic

Pack 1 pick 4:
Rune-Cervin Rider, Revelsong Horn (FOIL), Disturbing Plot, Parapet Watchers, Watchwing Scarecrow, Ashenmoor Cohort, Thornwatch Scarecrow, Mine Excavation, Spell Syphon, Inescapable Brute, Madblind Mountain, Crowd of Cinders
--> Watchwing Scarecrow

Pack 1 pick 5:
Sootstoke Kindler, Faerie Macabre, Helm of the Ghastlord, Foxfire Oak, Splitting Headache, Woeleecher, Prismwake Merrow, Crimson Wisps, Kithkin Rabble, Horde of Boggarts, Wound Reflection
--> Kithkin Rabble

Pack 1 pick 6:
Juvenile Gloomwidow, Gravelgill Axeshark, Rattleblaze Scarecrow, Viridescent Wisps, Cinderbones, Mine Excavation, Blazethorn Scarecrow, Spell Syphon, Moonring Island, Fossil Find
--> Gravelgill Axeshark

Pack 1 pick 7:
Disturbing Plot, Nurturer Initiate, Rustrazor Butcher, Aphotic Wisps, Kithkin Shielddare, Fate Transfer, Poison the Well, Flow of Ideas, Mana Reflection
--> Flow of Ideas

Pack 1 pick 8:
Blight Sickle, Ashenmoor Cohort, Apothecary Initiate, Whimwader, Thornwatch Scarecrow, Raking Canopy, Beseech the Queen, Cauldron of Souls
--> Beseech the Queen

Pack 1 pick 9:
Traitor's Roar, Gravelgill Duo, Torture, Fists of the Demigod, Aphotic Wisps, Memory Sluice, Worldpurge
--> Gravelgill Duo

Pack 1 pick 10:
Blight Sickle, Blazethorn Scarecrow, Emberstrike Duo, Gleeful Sabotage, Moonring Island, Spiteful Visions
--> Spiteful Visions

Pack 1 pick 11:
Rattleblaze Scarecrow, Fists of the Demigod, Gravelgill Duo, Whimwader, Merrow Grimeblotter
--> Merrow Grimeblotter

Pack 1 pick 12:
Disturbing Plot, Ashenmoor Cohort, Mine Excavation, Madblind Mountain
--> Madblind Mountain

Pack 1 pick 13:
Splitting Headache, Prismwake Merrow, Crimson Wisps
--> Prismwake Merrow

Pack 1 pick 14:
Mine Excavation, Moonring Island
--> Moonring Island

Pack 1 pick 15:
Disturbing Plot
--> Disturbing Plot

Pack 2 pick 1:
Consign to Dream, Oona's Gatewarden, Runes of the Deus, Safehold Duo, Scuttlemutt, Medicine Runner, Loamdragger Giant, Drowner Initiate, Pili-Pala, Bloodshed Fever, Reknit (FOIL), Wasp Lancer, Kitchen Finks, Deepchannel Mentor, Wort, the Raidmother
--> Kitchen Finks

Pack 2 pick 2:
Merrow Wavebreakers, Scar, Mudbrawler Cohort, Raven's Run Dragoon, Chainbreaker, Silkbind Faerie, Hollowsage (FOIL), Zealous Guardian, Loch Korrigan, Ember Gale, Niveous Wisps, River's Grasp, Tatterkite, Lockjaw Snapper
--> Silkbind Faerie

Pack 2 pick 3:
Medicine Runner, Kinscaer Harpoonist, Cinderhaze Wretch, Farhaven Elf, Scuttlemutt, Sinking Feeling, Inquisitor's Snare, Gloomwidow's Feast, Manaforge Cinder, Scuzzback Scrapper, Faerie Swarm, Horde of Boggarts, Mossbridge Troll
--> Scuttlemutt

Pack 2 pick 4:
Merrow Wavebreakers, Gloomlance, Boggart Arsonists, Runes of the Deus, Scrapbasket, Strip Bare, Drowner Initiate, Scarscale Ritual, Intimidator Initiate, Gnarled Effigy, Umbral Mantle, Sygg, River Cutthroat
--> Sygg, River Cutthroat

Pack 2 pick 5:
Consign to Dream, Woodfall Primus (FOIL), Blistering Dieflyn, Wingrattle Scarecrow, Put Away, Elvish Hexhunter, Smash to Smithereens, Smolder Initiate, Leech Bonder, Flourishing Defenses, Advice from the Fae
--> Leech Bonder

Pack 2 pick 6:
Wanderbrine Rootcutters, Scar, Boggart Arsonists, Presence of Gond, Briarberry Cohort, Niveous Wisps, Zealous Guardian, Rite of Consumption, Bloodshed Fever, Loamdragger Giant
--> Briarberry Cohort

Pack 2 pick 7:
Ghastly Discovery, Oona's Gatewarden, Cinderhaze Wretch, Cerulean Wisps, Strip Bare, Intimidator Initiate, Elsewhere Flask, Gloomwidow, Bloodmark Mentor
--> Oona's Gatewarden

Pack 2 pick 8:
Ghastly Discovery, Gloomlance, Chainbreaker, Turn to Mist, Scarscale Ritual, Cerulean Wisps, Ember Gale, Repel Intruders
--> Gloomlance

Pack 2 pick 9:
Oona's Gatewarden, Runes of the Deus, Loamdragger Giant, Drowner Initiate, Bloodshed Fever, Reknit (FOIL), Deepchannel Mentor
--> Oona's Gatewarden

Pack 2 pick 10:
Merrow Wavebreakers, Chainbreaker, Hollowsage (FOIL), Zealous Guardian, Loch Korrigan, Ember Gale
--> Merrow Wavebreakers

Pack 2 pick 11:
Kinscaer Harpoonist, Sinking Feeling, Manaforge Cinder, Scuzzback Scrapper, Horde of Boggarts
--> Kinscaer Harpoonist

Pack 2 pick 12:
Merrow Wavebreakers, Strip Bare, Drowner Initiate, Intimidator Initiate
--> Intimidator Initiate

Pack 2 pick 13:
Put Away, Smash to Smithereens, Smolder Initiate
--> Put Away

Pack 2 pick 14:
Rite of Consumption, Bloodshed Fever
--> Rite of Consumption

Pack 2 pick 15:
Ghastly Discovery
--> Ghastly Discovery

Pack 3 pick 1:
Grazing Kelpie, Double Cleave, Talara's Bane, Duergar Assailant, Scourge of the Nobilis, Heartlash Cinder, Shell Skulkin, Nettle Sentinel, Snakeform, Wilderness Hypnotist, Soul Reap, Bloodied Ghost, Quillspike, Duergar Mine-Captain, Inundate
--> Soul Reap

Pack 3 pick 2:
Noggle Bandit, Merrow Levitator, Banishing Knack, Slippery Bogle, Cenn's Enlistment, Battlegate Mimic, Rendclaw Trow, Clout of the Dominus, Gwyllion Hedge-Mage, Rise of the Hobgoblins, Jawbone Skulkin, Fire at Will, Stalker Hag, Springjack Shepherd
--> Noggle Bandit

Pack 3 pick 3:
Fire at Will, Stream Hopper, Hag Hedge-Mage, Slippery Bogle, Phosphorescent Feast, Gift of the Deity, Dream Thief, Noggle Bridgebreaker, Wilderness Hypnotist, Raven's Crime, Ballynock Trapper, Duergar Hedge-Mage, Cenn's Enlistment
--> Dream Thief

Pack 3 pick 4:
Nightsky Mimic, Inside Out, Moonhold, Kithkin Spellduster, Shell Skulkin, Noggle Bandit, Shorecrasher Mimic, Antler Skulkin, Hobgoblin Dragoon, Drain the Well, Odious Trow, Favor of the Overbeing
--> Noggle Bandit

Pack 3 pick 5:
Hoof Skulkin, Nip Gwyllion, Hotheaded Giant, Grazing Kelpie, Banishing Knack, Merrow Bonegnawer, Noggle Hedge-Mage, Selkie Hedge-Mage, Woodlurker Mimic, Creakwood Ghoul, Battlegate Mimic
--> Noggle Hedge-Mage

Pack 3 pick 6:
Batwing Brume, Raven's Crime, Harvest Gwyllion, Favor of the Overbeing, Unwilling Recruit, Sanity Grinding, Jawbone Skulkin, Heartlash Cinder, Kithkin Zealot, Monstrify
--> Harvest Gwyllion

Pack 3 pick 7:
Merrow Levitator, Tilling Treefolk, Nip Gwyllion, Cinder Pyromancer, Trapjaw Kelpie, Merrow Bonegnawer, Gilder Bairn, Fang Skulkin, Crumbling Ashes
--> Crumbling Ashes

Pack 3 pick 8:
Monstrify, Inside Out, Smoldering Butcher, Clout of the Dominus, Idle Thoughts, Altar Golem, Marshdrinker Giant, Beckon Apparition
--> Smoldering Butcher

Pack 3 pick 9:
Double Cleave, Talara's Bane, Duergar Assailant, Scourge of the Nobilis, Heartlash Cinder, Shell Skulkin, Wilderness Hypnotist
--> Wilderness Hypnotist

Pack 3 pick 10:
Slippery Bogle, Cenn's Enlistment, Battlegate Mimic, Clout of the Dominus, Jawbone Skulkin, Springjack Shepherd
--> Clout of the Dominus

Pack 3 pick 11:
Stream Hopper, Phosphorescent Feast, Noggle Bridgebreaker, Wilderness Hypnotist, Raven's Crime
--> Noggle Bridgebreaker

Pack 3 pick 12:
Shell Skulkin, Antler Skulkin, Drain the Well, Odious Trow
--> Odious Trow

Pack 3 pick 13:
Hotheaded Giant, Merrow Bonegnawer, Creakwood Ghoul
--> Hotheaded Giant

Pack 3 pick 14:
Jawbone Skulkin, Heartlash Cinder
--> Heartlash Cinder

Pack 3 pick 15:
Nip Gwyllion
--> Nip Gwyllion

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