Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SSE 01 - He Has Risen

Wow, so... what's been up with you guys?

Me? Well I got bored with Magic after Eventide rolled in. Why? Well a combination of general dislike for the 1st set, 1st set, 2nd set draft format (which we had to have twice this year), lack of interest in Eventide, and distaste for what the pack did to the format. So while I played about 10 or so drafts I never really felt too excited to make a video on it.

Then I stopped playing MTGO altogether for a while. Then I got hit by Hurricane Ike and didn't have power for two weeks, and cable/internet for an additional one week. Blah.

Well the good news is I'm back to full civilization as of yesterday and itching to make some more videos.


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Round 1

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Round 2

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Round 3

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I'm going to keep my comments to a minimum. I think the draft went well and I followed what cards were being presented to me. I'm still not sure if shoehorning the other two colors was the right call, but both additions managed to win me games, and didn't feel too much like it was impeding my progress.

I would like to blame my play mistakes on rust, but who are we kidding. I actually played a bit more thoughtfully than usual in most of these games, but a major mistake in round 2 nearly cost me the draft.

For easier reference to comment on - here is the draft in text format:

Pack 1 pick 1:
Knollspine Invocation
--> Knollspine Invocation

Pack 1 pick 2:
Raven's Run Dragoon, Runes of the Deus, Medicine Runner, Kinscaer Harpoonist, Cinderhaze Wretch, Scarscale Ritual, Intimidator Initiate, Sinking Feeling, Inquisitor's Snare, Gloomwidow's Feast, Armored Ascension, Puresight Merrow, Dream Salvage, Godhead of Awe
--> Godhead of Awe

Pack 1 pick 3:
Scuttlemutt, Old Ghastbark, Merrow Wavebreakers, Scar, Raven's Run Dragoon, Scuzzback Scrapper, Elvish Hexhunter, Goldenglow Moth, Zealous Guardian, Loch Korrigan, Grief Tyrant, Corrosive Mentor, Fire-Lit Thicket
--> Scuttlemutt

Pack 1 pick 4:
Oona's Gatewarden, Runes of the Deus, Safehold Duo, Ember Gale, Niveous Wisps, Loamdragger Giant, Drowner Initiate, Pili-Pala, Plumeveil, Glamer Spinners, Deepchannel Mentor, Mass Calcify
--> Plumeveil

Pack 1 pick 5:
Scuttlemutt, Medicine Runner, Ghastly Discovery, Wildslayer Elves, Gloomlance, Bloodshed Fever, Manamorphose, Scarscale Ritual, Elsewhere Flask, Tattermunge Witch, Drove of Elves
--> Scuttlemutt

Pack 1 pick 6:
Safehold Duo, Wingrattle Scarecrow, Old Ghastbark, Ghastly Discovery, Oona's Gatewarden, Manaforge Cinder, Cerulean Wisps, Strip Bare, Plumeveil, Flow of Ideas
--> Plumeveil

Pack 1 pick 7:
Wildslayer Elves, Cinderhaze Wretch, Wanderbrine Rootcutters, Boggart Arsonists, Intimidator Initiate, Niveous Wisps, Rite of Consumption, Tattermunge Maniac, Corrosive Mentor
--> Niveous Wisps

Pack 1 pick 8:
Presence of Gond, Safehold Sentry, Consign to Dream, Bloodshed Fever, Loamdragger Giant, Put Away, Mistmeadow Witch, Wild Swing
--> Mistmeadow Witch

Pack 1 pick 9:
Shield of the Oversoul, Merrow Wavebreakers, Smash to Smithereens, Smolder Initiate, Scrapbasket, Strip Bare, Roughshod Mentor
--> Merrow Wavebreakers

Pack 1 pick 10:
Runes of the Deus, Scarscale Ritual, Sinking Feeling, Inquisitor's Snare, Gloomwidow's Feast, Dream Salvage
--> Inquisitor's Snare

Pack 1 pick 11:
Merrow Wavebreakers, Raven's Run Dragoon, Elvish Hexhunter, Goldenglow Moth, Loch Korrigan
--> Raven's Run Dragoon

Pack 1 pick 12:
Runes of the Deus, Niveous Wisps, Loamdragger Giant, Deepchannel Mentor
--> Niveous Wisps

Pack 1 pick 13:
Bloodshed Fever, Manamorphose, Drove of Elves
--> Drove of Elves

Pack 1 pick 14:
Wingrattle Scarecrow, Strip Bare
--> Wingrattle Scarecrow

Pack 1 pick 15:
Cinderhaze Wretch
--> Cinderhaze Wretch

Pack 2 pick 1:
Steel of the Godhead, Rattleblaze Scarecrow, Barrenton Cragtreads, Devoted Druid, Tattermunge Duo, Disturbing Plot, Blazethorn Scarecrow, Spell Syphon, Rustrazor Butcher, Aphotic Wisps, Kithkin Shielddare, Blowfly Infestation, Mercy Killing, Tatterkite, Tyrannize
--> Steel of the Godhead

Pack 2 pick 2:
Curse of Chains, Thistledown Duo, Juvenile Gloomwidow, Power of Fire, Gravelgill Axeshark, Prismwake Merrow, Crimson Wisps, Viridescent Wisps, Cinderbones, Mine Excavation, Cursecatcher, Bloodmark Mentor, Howl of the Night Pack, Elemental Mastery
--> Curse of Chains

Pack 2 pick 3:
Watchwing Scarecrow, Ballynock Cohort, Barkshell Blessing, Sootstoke Kindler, Faerie Macabre, Spell Syphon, Inescapable Brute, Foxfire Oak, Splitting Headache, Woeleecher, Heap Doll, Resplendent Mentor, Reaper King
--> Ballynock Cohort

Pack 2 pick 4:
Rune-Cervin Rider, Scuzzback Marauders, Disturbing Plot, Giantbaiting, Viridescent Wisps, Ashenmoor Cohort, Thornwatch Scarecrow, Mine Excavation, Mistveil Plains, Dawnglow Infusion, Gloomwidow, Fracturing Gust
--> Rune-Cervin Rider

Pack 2 pick 5:
Blight Sickle, Somnomancer, Crabapple Cohort, Sootstoke Kindler, Gleeful Sabotage, Kithkin Shielddare, Flow of Ideas (FOIL), Inescapable Brute, Safewright Quest, Madblind Mountain, Mercy Killing
--> Somnomancer

Pack 2 pick 6:
Fists of the Demigod, Rune-Cervin Rider, Juvenile Gloomwidow, Torpor Dust, Woeleecher, Giantbaiting, Blazethorn Scarecrow, Beseech the Queen, Horde of Boggarts, Impromptu Raid
--> Rune-Cervin Rider

Pack 2 pick 7:
Traitor's Roar, Toil to Renown, Thornwatch Scarecrow, Safewright Quest, Aphotic Wisps, Revelsong Horn, Pale Wayfarer, Illuminated Folio, Savor the Moment
--> Illuminated Folio

Pack 2 pick 8:
Parapet Watchers, Poison the Well, Gleeful Sabotage, Ashenmoor Cohort, Apothecary Initiate, Whimwader, Leechridden Swamp, Raking Canopy
--> Raking Canopy

Pack 2 pick 9:
Rattleblaze Scarecrow, Devoted Druid, Disturbing Plot, Blazethorn Scarecrow, Spell Syphon, Aphotic Wisps, Tyrannize
--> Devoted Druid

Pack 2 pick 10:
Juvenile Gloomwidow, Crimson Wisps, Viridescent Wisps, Mine Excavation, Cursecatcher, Bloodmark Mentor
--> Bloodmark Mentor

Pack 2 pick 11:
Inescapable Brute, Foxfire Oak, Splitting Headache, Woeleecher, Heap Doll
--> Woeleecher

Pack 2 pick 12:
Mine Excavation, Mistveil Plains, Dawnglow Infusion, Fracturing Gust
--> Fracturing Gust

Pack 2 pick 13:
Gleeful Sabotage, Inescapable Brute, Madblind Mountain
--> Gleeful Sabotage

Pack 2 pick 14:
Woeleecher, Blazethorn Scarecrow
--> Woeleecher

Pack 2 pick 15:
Toil to Renown
--> Toil to Renown

Pack 3 pick 1:
Battlegate Mimic, Nettle Sentinel, Grazing Kelpie, Waves of Aggression, Moonhold, Unwilling Recruit, Soul Reap, Odious Trow, Antler Skulkin, Fire at Will, Desecrator Hag, Inside Out, Nip Gwyllion, Belligerent Hatchling, Merrow Levitator
--> Belligerent Hatchling

Pack 3 pick 2:
Scourge of the Nobilis (FOIL), Groundling Pouncer, Rendclaw Trow, Soul Reap, Banishing Knack, Merrow Bonegnawer, Noggle Bandit, Fang Skulkin, Batwing Brume, Stream Hopper, Noggle Hedge-Mage, Recumbent Bliss, Hotheaded Giant, Kithkin Zealot
--> Recumbent Bliss

Pack 3 pick 3:
Jawbone Skulkin, Cankerous Thirst, Cinder Pyromancer, Trapjaw Kelpie, Raven's Crime, Marshdrinker Giant, Springjack Pasture, Scourge of the Nobilis, Heartlash Cinder, Gilder Bairn, Nightsky Mimic, Nip Gwyllion, Riverfall Mimic
--> Nightsky Mimic

Pack 3 pick 4:
Beckon Apparition, Bloodied Ghost, Duergar Mine-Captain, Crumbling Ashes, Edge of the Divinity, Unmake, Flame Jab, Merrow Bonegnawer, Hoof Skulkin, Inside Out, Tilling Treefolk, Noggle Bridgebreaker
--> Unmake

Pack 3 pick 5:
Fire at Will, Double Cleave, Smoldering Butcher, Gwyllion Hedge-Mage, Idle Thoughts, Wilderness Hypnotist, Gift of the Deity, Duergar Assailant, Stream Hopper, Monstrify, Ward of Bones
--> Fire at Will

Pack 3 pick 6:
Desecrator Hag, Wickerbough Elder, Merrow Levitator, Kithkin Zealot, Hotheaded Giant, Hag Hedge-Mage, Cinder Pyromancer, Trapjaw Kelpie, Antler Skulkin, Riverfall Mimic
--> Wickerbough Elder

Pack 3 pick 7:
Slippery Bogle, Stigma Lasher, Twinblade Slasher, Duergar Hedge-Mage, Kithkin Spellduster, Noggle Bridgebreaker, Gift of the Deity, Dream Thief, Beckon Apparition
--> Stigma Lasher

Pack 3 pick 8:
Shell Skulkin, Drain the Well, Harvest Gwyllion, Phosphorescent Feast, Cenn's Enlistment, Hobgoblin Dragoon, Raven's Crime, Creakwood Ghoul
--> Harvest Gwyllion

Pack 3 pick 9:
Grazing Kelpie, Moonhold, Odious Trow, Antler Skulkin, Fire at Will, Desecrator Hag, Inside Out
--> Fire at Will

Pack 3 pick 10:
Scourge of the Nobilis (FOIL), Merrow Bonegnawer, Fang Skulkin, Batwing Brume, Stream Hopper, Kithkin Zealot
--> Batwing Brume

Pack 3 pick 11:
Jawbone Skulkin, Trapjaw Kelpie, Raven's Crime, Marshdrinker Giant, Heartlash Cinder
--> Marshdrinker Giant

Pack 3 pick 12:
Beckon Apparition, Crumbling Ashes, Merrow Bonegnawer, Tilling Treefolk
--> Beckon Apparition

Pack 3 pick 13:
Double Cleave, Gift of the Deity, Ward of Bones
--> Ward of Bones

Pack 3 pick 14:
Kithkin Zealot, Antler Skulkin
--> Kithkin Zealot

Pack 3 pick 15:
Beckon Apparition
--> Beckon Apparition

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