Tuesday, October 14, 2008

AverageDrafter - SSE 04

Kind of a weird one this trip round. Lets get to it shall we?


Download the full screen version of this video here!

Ok, so what can I say? I was a little perplexed in the first pack as I pick up a 10th pick Puncture Bolt. 10th. Lets take a look at what cards were taken out of the pack once we passed it for Glamer Spinners...

Safehold Sentry
Wanderbrine Rootcutters
Last Breath
Safehold Duo
Loch Korrigan

Lets just move on then shall we...

White was cut a bit (no surprise given the list above), but green seemed to be wide open. The 8th Pick Seedcradle Witch foreshadowed my eventual color selection even if it did take me a while to get there.

I was really pleased with my deck and I think my drafting has improved quite a bit since I started playing again these last few videos.

Round 1

Download the full screen version of this video here!

Game 1 was a bit odd. I got greedy and Blissed the Duo rather than getting rid of the Steel of the Godhead on it with my Wickerbough Elder. Greedy, but fine until I blew the Elder counter on the Elsewhere Flask for the pump (I didn't even do it for fear of a splashed Jaws of Stone or something) and he was able to get rid of the Bliss. Fortunately his misplays outweighed mine, and I squeaked by with a victory.

Game 2 he was mana light and I had a boatload of excellent tricks at my disposal.

Round 2

My opponent no shows - he was a 1300 when the draft started. I think we can account for one of those non-Puncture Bolt picks.

Round 3

Download the full screen version of this video here!

Game 1 again my opponent has mana problems.

Game 2 my opponent makes some poor mana tapping choices and cannot save himself some damage via regeneration. This sets me up for a probably ill advised but nonetheless successful finish with Barkshell Blessing and Seedcradle Witch. After the match he IMs me asking me if I topdecked the Blessing and that he had Firespout in hand and was ready to wreck me with it.

Now looking back at those games, if it was true, I would call it greedy and a mistake on his part to wait another turn. If he Firespouts and regens the Duo then Unmakes the next turn he's in a much better position than if he just Unmakes (on his main phase at that). Getting rid of the Seedcradle (and his pumpable buddies) is more important than dealing with the Caviler at that stage of the game. Damage wise he's better off taking three from the Caviler next turn than 5 from my unblocked team with pump. I'm also not likely to commit more to the board when I have Seedcradle active and am not under any pressure.

Not very compelling matches, but that's the way it goes sometimes.


David said...

Neat Draft, I just wanted to say I watch all of your drafts and I hope you keep doing them. When you said it looked like blue might be open, I was a bit confused, although Wasp Lancer is a good sign, blue wasn't flowing very well, Green on the other hand (Green Cohort, Wildslayer Elves) seemed quite open. Love your drafts though!


Severin said...

yeah your drafts are good but this time you should have picked green/white