Sunday, October 19, 2008

AverageDrafter - SSE 05

I'm going to try to squeeze in some more SSE before the Alara drafts start firing and we can put this whole silly 2 set block nonsense behind us.

The Draft

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So, the first round of packs seemed to have very little depth in them. Our early decision to go white was reasonably rewarded with Skulk, Cohort, and Procession. Not bad for such terrible packs.

In pack two we seem to be heading back to G/W with a pair of Hungry Spriggans, but a 5th pick Puncture Bolt forces us to reconsider red as our second color. At the end of Pack 2 we are firmly ensconced in white, but are still on the fence about our second color.

Pack 3 beefs up our removal with 2 Unmakes and a Bliss. We also pick up a nice sub-theme of U/B Mimics and Aura.

I also make a last minute (literally!) change to the deck by switching to B/W to run Soul Snuffers over Puncture Bolt. You can see these changes in the beginning of Round 1. The only problem was that I didn't have time to properly make the adjustment. I should have included Scar and Corrosive Mentor in the main deck, but pressed for time (and wanting to record the change) I made the 1 for 1 swap and adjusted my mana.

Round 1

I want you to pause this video at 31:45 (right after his Flame Jab to my dome), and try to figure out what he is up to. I think this exercise will help everyone add another layer of thinking to their play. You have to remember their is another human being across the table from you. If they do something weird or out of place you really have to stop and figure out what they are up to before you continue.

Click here to download the full screen video!

So... did you figure it out? There was a proper course of action to take here had I reasoned out his side of the equation. His activation of the Scrapbasket during his main phase should of been my second clue.

Draft 2

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Wow, I just ripped everything I needed, right when I needed it in this round. Not much else to say really. Sometimes Mimics just go off.

Round 3

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Pretty straight forward play here. I hate Parapet Watchers!

Well, another 1st in SSE. I'd like to play in the 8-4, but they never fill. With the new set I will start running in more 8-4s if I can.

Till then!

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Axl said...

Hey, I really enjoy your drafts and watch all of them, it's a good substitute since I cant connect to mtgo with my current internet connection =) It was indeed hard to choose a second color but the last pack was really nice for you. Playing the soul snuffers was the right call. Among the last picks I would have taken the 4/2 wither guy above double cleave, might have been playable since you were a bit low on creatures. I only watched the first game but it's a nice thing you did. Congrats for the win