Thursday, December 18, 2008

AAA 26 - OK, so I lied...

I know I said that I wasn't going to post write ups or embeds for many of my videos for a while, but this draft was particularly good - both because I won (two in a row - yeah!), but also because each round featured tightly contested games that were nail biters all the way down the line. I made plenty of mistakes in tight situations (like not pinging several times throughout the matches), but fortunately they didn't accumulate into a match loss.


I ended up in a solid Jund deck, but no real bombs to speak of outside of Mycloth. The pingers plus reasonable beater plan can really backfire if they wipe the board (there was a Jund Charm floating around after all), or they produce larger creatures than your pingers can deal with. Speaking of which...

Round 1

The trick here was to apply damage and overwhelm before his numerous fatties can effect the game. Game 1 we did just that by maximizing Blister Beetles to remove creatures, beat down, and ping with Iguanar. Game 2 an unanswered Rip-Clan Crasher put us in the danger zone while deftly we tried to maneuver into a winning position. I'll leave it at that but this is a must see... Game 3 had pingers and Beetles working in harmony to clear the way for a Iguanar backed swarm.

Round 2

Game 1 was lost on the back of a very poor decision. If you can help it - never... EVER get hit with Quietus Spike early in the game. Game 2 I was able to keep the way clear for my tiny army to do their thing. Game 3 showed that a cluttered board is Hissing Iguanar's best friend, and the race for eight mana can be a tight one.

Round 3

A poor strategic decision kept us out of Game 1 where we blow out Beetle to kill a Sculptor only to have his Master come and destroy us instead. Game 2 healthy fear of Metallurgeon and has us killing it early, paving the way for our removal engines to do their thing yet again. Game 3 was all back and forth all game while his Windwrite Mage whittled down my life while keeping me from planting a game ending haymaker. A 8/8 Mycloth meets its maker, but not before unloading 4 of its buddies to stick around. With his hand depleted I turn a liability into an asset and follow it up an awesome one two punch to win the game.

Good stuff.


JonasH said...

So far only round 3 is up of AAA 26

AverageDrafter said...

Yeah, there was a problem with the uploader (I set it as I went to bed). Reuploading them now.

JonasH said...

I must apologize for not reading the whole entry as you did mention the uploader issue.

Also I wish you and your family a merry... christmas, hanukkah, and kwanza to cover all the bases.