Wednesday, January 7, 2009

AAA 32 - Old Tomatoes

Well, I've put up a few more videos since I've posted last, you can check them out as always at my Viddler site - AverageDrafter Viddler Profile.

So I had a fun draft and some fun games (sort of) in my last draft, and I thought it was a good time to post and remind everyone that I'm still making vids and point out this one in particular...

No comments from me, just enjoy the madness.

By the way, I've started getting into Pauper, if anyone is interested I can make some videos of that if you'd like. Let me know!


Round 1

Till next time!


רועי said...
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distant watcher said...

I felt for you with the last draft...
I really like your drafts and pauper seems nice although I'm a bit of a more casual budget person.

P.S. I really think you should have taken the savage lands P1P2 over the magma spray

Distant watcher on MTGsalvation

Sean O'Neill said...

Hey AverageDrafter. I don't have any comments on this video but I would like to say that I just started playing Pauper as well. It has been a huge kick in the pants. If you happen to make a Pauper video you can count on at least one viewer. Aside from that, I really enjoy the videos. Keep up the good work. If you're in need of a Pauper practice matchup sometime I'm oneillseanm on mtgo. Take care.

harry said...

Hi great vidoes i have only just come across your site please keep up the good work :). And if u do decide to do some pauper i along with Sean o'neill would also love to see them if you need any pauper practice my mtgo name is wildman4420.
All the best mate

startex said...

FINALLY, draft videos with good picture quality where I can read the cards. Please keep up the great work AD!!!

Newbunkle said...

More great videos! And much better than that lame "draftbetter" site. They can't even manage good screenshots, let alone a decent vid. Keep it up. :)

PS I haven't played pauper but I've been interested. I'd love to see some vids.