Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SSS 08-11 - I think I blew out my brain...

Yep, four new videos to digest, and these might be it for a while. I've gorged myself on drafts and I think I might actually work on my old house.

For those of you not interested in my comments or the games, I've compressed drafts 08-11 into one video at 4x speed. If you are interested in watching the full length videos, including the games, then check out the links below.

In a nutshell:

SSS 08 - 8-4 Lost 2nd round.
SSS 09 - 4-3-2-2 Lost 2nd round. (1st round opponent didn't show)
SSS 10 - 4-3-2-2 Lost 2nd round. (Two of the most annoying rounds I've ever played)
SSS 11 - 8-4 Won Draft.

Basically broke even on packs, I'll take it.

SSS 08-11 - Drafts Only

Download this file in all its full screen glory from Filefront.

SSS 08

SSS 08 - Draft

SSS 08 - Round 1

SSS 08 - Round 2

SSS 09

SSS 09 - Draft

SSS 09 - Round 2

SSS 10

SSS 10 - Draft

SSS 10 - Round 1

SSS 10 - Round 2

SSS 11

SSS 11 - Draft

SSS 11 - Round 1

SSS 11 - Round 2

SSS 11 - Round 3

I think I'm going to lay low for a little bit and see what bubbles up on Modosharks updated new site. If all goes well I might slink back into the shadows and let everyone check out the new drafters while I just draft on my own. Thanks to everyone who has posted so far, and I'll see you all again soon enough.


Anonymous said...

the sound on the #8 drafting part doesn't work, also, could you please host your high quality videos in mpg or wmv form?

Anonymous said...

did you do this for 10th edition? are those drafts still up somewhere? :)