Monday, July 7, 2008

SSS 07 - Who passes this?!? Oh I do apparently.

Some people are still having trouble with the videos, so I'll go over this quickly here.

1) The videos below are terrible quality. Sorry about that, but the streaming versions are garbage and I haven't found a decent video host for the streaming versions yet. They are blocky, but they are only for a quick and dirty viewing or if you just want the audio.

2) The download link below each video is what you want if you want to be able to really see the text, pictures, and all that. Its an AVI with the video in the DivX format. DivX is the compression codec that tells the computer how to decode the video information. Its a fairly common codec and most people have it installed on their computers. If you download the file and aren't seeing an image, chances are you need this installed on your computer. Chances are also good you don't pirate movies or watch porn either.

You can find the codec on the DivX site here or you can use an alternative open source version called XviD from here. Both should work.

I have to do this to keep the file size down. For example SSS 06 - Draft would be 24 Gigs uncompressed, but is only 32 Megs compressed. DivX does the best job of getting a small file size without losing quality.


Some weird stuff going on in this draft... particularly by me. Tunnel vision is one thing, but I was just blind on some of these picks.

Click Here to download this file in all of its full screen glory!

The Valleymaker pass was terrible, but I think the Dragon pass was justified - both times. I think I might of been happier with the Tattermunge Duo over the second Tower Above. Other than that I don't have any major problems with how I drafted this one.

Round 1

Click Here to download this file in all of its full screen glory!

Spout 'n' screw. Even though I didn't need to in these games, I like how adjustable the Spout was with all the white mana available.

Round 2

Click Here to download this file in all of its full screen glory!

I like how the deck withstood the Blight in game 2 and used practically every drop of mana in game 3.

Split in the finals...

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