Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SSS 01 - Welcome Back AverageDrafters!

Well I went through a rough patch of moving and being with out internet or cable for TWO WHOLE WEEKS (I know... what a nightmare), but we are back in action in a big way for 3x Shadowmoor drafts.

Yes we are still using Filefront for our provider, and its more out of necessity than preference. I'm still looking for a video server that can give me the hi-res streaming outputs that we need to show off card texts reasonably well but can give us a bit more consistency than we got with gamerstube. So for now we are stuck with providing a terrible looking streaming video for the ones who just want the quick and dirty, and a direct download of the avi file for those who need their fullscreen action. Either start the video or click the link depending on your preference. Its not perfect, but it will do for now.

The major change is that I'm moving to a blog format rather than the old link to a video page method. With all the moving around it will be nice to have one place to come too to check for new videos. I'm also going to try to keep comments and responses in the blog so there isn't a lot of repeating between the several boards I'm posting on to get viewers. I'll still respond to those boards, but I think I'm going to try to get them a little centralized from here on out.

So without further ado - lets go to the first draft... its a doozy.

Click Here to Download Full Screen Video

So as you can see - well its not like it took a lot of skill to figure out what colors I needed to be in. I feel I made a lot of picks that could of gone different ways, but in the end when you have 2 Firespout, and Knollspine Invocation it will cover up a lot of less than optimal draft picks.

I'm interested in what picks were out of place, and how you would of built the final deck. As I'm starting to feel out the format I'm dying to know where my decision making could be improved. By the way, I put Hexhunter in place of the Gleeful Sabotage after I stopped the video.

Anyway - moving on to Round 1...

err... my opponent doesn't show. So - Moving on to Round 2...

Click Here to Download Full Screen Video

Pretty much a blowout. Knollspine in game 1, back to back Firespouts in game 2 followed up by a Howl of the Night Pack for 6. Game one I think I should of led out with the Duo (for defensive purposes) and then immediately followed up with the Invocation instead of trying to get two Gloomwidows on the board. The biggest threat from his deck was knocking the Invocation out of my hand, but once it was on the board it should be game over.

On to the finals...

Click Here to Download Full Screen Video

OOF! Mull to 5 and I still almost walk away with it. Again, so questionable plays here (as always), but I think I'm pretty good with how I played these games given the circumstances. Delaying of shooting down the spirit tokens was bad as it allowed him to get his liege out. I feel ok about delaying the Firespout by a turn since his agression was low, but it only yielded me an Initiate that I had in check anyway.

Game 2 I misplay a lot with Invocation (ie not taking out the Scarecrow (discarding Power of Fire) on the Firespout turn. And then trying to get to much value out of the conspire on Sabotage (and not even doing that right!).

Game 3 Another mull to 5, and another good fight that slips out of my grasp with a topdeck Shield of the Oversoul (and yes I called this card like 10 different things in the video - including "Godhead of Awe"). I think I played pretty well here considering the circumstances.

Well thanks again for watching and we will be seeing you again real soon with more SSS action.


yap said...

Awesome idea to put these up on a blog. I used to check gamerstube often for your videos, and didn't catch when you switched movie hosts.

Watching these scratches an itch when I don't have enough time to play a draft of my own. Anyway, you do a great job and it's appreciated.

yap said...
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Robin said...
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Robert said...

Heya Maomao! Dedendre, your #1 fan, here. Glad to see you back in action!

I've recently started playing MTGO and have been doing a number of 4322s. Maybe we'll catch each other someday.(I suck a lot though... hopefully that'll improve)

Anyhow, hope to see more of you!

Anonymous said...

You sound like john cusack.

liked the videos

Severin said...
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