Friday, June 20, 2008

SS 01 Recap and Reaction

Yes Yes... its Double Strike on the Runes. Aside from being "boring" the other side effect of trying to talk and draft at the same time is that your mouth doesn't cooperate with what your brain is thinking.

So, from the comments on this draft I learned a lot, and I thank everyone for responding (even you MattTheGreat you tactless bastard). Here is what I picked up in general...

1) I should just draft Gloomwidow as if it said "Cannot Block" since most of the time (particularly in the early game when you need it most) this is true. Still a good card, but I was overvaluing.

2) Runes of the Deus is not the sleeper I thought it was. If I want one I have to pick it up early.

3) Have a back up plan if I'm trying to go with the gun. AKA draft Wither. And three PoF is too many unless you have some of the other components already.

4) Gleeful Sabotage is a Sorcery.

I played hookey from work today, so I might have another draft or two up for you this weekend. Thanks again for all the responses!

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