Sunday, June 14, 2009

AverageDrafter - ACR 05 - Now in HD!

(Also posted on MTGOV, but in case anyone was looking for me... I'm now at Vimeo!)

Ok, so yet again I’ve switch video hosts… but this time I think its going to be it for a long while. Viddler was great for a while, but the change in code meant that my videos looked like crap for anyone not downloading the originals. I finally did something about that. Vimeo to the resue!

I shelled out the dough (a reasonable 60 bucks a year) for this one. Secondly, because I did so yall will get the glorious high def experience without the bother of downloads, signups, or any of that noise. Just open up that puppy full screen and enjoy the crystal clear card text and pictures. You may want to mess around the with scaling on and off to your tastes as well.

Hope you enjoy this draft. It was a fun deck that kinda fell right into my lap (pick 3 was particularly glorious) and the games were mostly interesting (well.. sorry about the length of round 1).

If you have any issues with the new provider then let me know and I will try to help you out, otherwise enjoy!


Round 1

Round 2

Round 3


1esproc said...

Why aren't your drafts being posted here anymore, and especially not on Vimeo? The HD is way better!

Jack said...

Hey man, I'm a big fan of your draft videos.

There's a discussion going on over at MTGSalvation right now about draft videos of a similar quality to LSV's, and your name came up multiple times.

It's unfortunate that you aren't posting any more. I think I understand why now. Had a kid, huh? Well, life definitely takes priority.

You should still hop back on and record some M10 or Zen if you have a chance. Even if you've been out of magic and don't know the format as well, it'd still be great to see more videos from you.