Monday, February 16, 2009

AAA 38 - The Great Magic Video Crash of '09

Modosharks is dead. Mtgovideos had their hosting pulled for bandwidth issues. AverageDrafter has fallen off the face of the earth...

What is a MTGO junkie to do?!?

Well here is a little fix for you. I'll try to get more up when I can (I have President's Day off, so maybe I'll do some drafting today). Meanwhile, if anyone knows of other video drafting sites I'd love to hear about them... post them in the comments.

Keep in mind that recently viddler started scaling down the resolution for their streaming videos. That means that the picture is blocky, and its hard to read the cards. If you go to the video link however (click the viddler logo at the bottom right of the embed) you can get to the video page and from there you can download this video in its full screen glory. If you know the cards pretty well then the embed is probably good enough, but if you like to see card text I recommend the download. If you don't see the download available, register for the site and make sure you are logged in and it should be just below the video ("Download This" with a hard dive logo).

On with the show.


This might of been one of my best Pack 3 ever. Seriously...

Skeletonize, Jund Charm, Vithian Stinger, Vithian Stinger, Jund Charm, Hissing Iguanar, Dregscape Zombie, and 13th pick Dregscape Zobmie. This pack made my draft.

After building I check the competition - pretty weak ratings wise, but I'm not going to fall into that trap again. No mercy, no quarter, no distraction (well except my slight inebriation... which I think actually helped).

Round 1

Not much to say, except that Mountaineer with Talons is a pretty serious clock if you don't draw removal. My opponent makes a major mistake here that costs him the game.

Round 2

Not much resistance in game one. Game two is a bit more interesting until I'm able to double punch for the win just as things were getting away from me.

I make a mistake in game one that ends up benefiting me as I get to kill two additional creatures with Jund Charm in addition to his Garg. Game two I end the game with a castable Violent Ultimatum in my hand that I don't need to use. Sweet.

Obviously a good draft for me, but poor draws and weak playskill by my opponents get most of the credit. Still not a bad way to ease back into drafting after a couple week hiatus.

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